Town Hall and Ada's proudly present UW Science Engage!

5/9/19 Doors at 7pm, Program at 7:30pm

  • 21+
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Town Hall and Ada's proudly present UW Science Engage! Engage is a program where graduate students build their skills of communicating with the public about their work.


Mariah Danner

Landing on any planet or moon is difficult; the farther away the object is from Earth, the harder it is to land safely. This talk will focus on the difficulties of landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa, and why we would want to land there in the first place. Specifically, we’ll discuss a new landing method my lab is designing, the impact lander, and the ways we’ve used to test it on Earth.

Conor McNicholas

Did you know that many popular smartphones contain a barometer? In my talk, I will discuss how smartphones measure pressure and how billions of these measurements can be adapted to enhance our understanding of high-impact weather events and improve global weather prediction. An important part of this discussion will focus on the scientific and ethical challenges of crowdsourcing data from smartphones.

Virginia Littell

Virginia studies the ancient climate of Southern Asia. In her talk she’ll be discussing the South Asian monsoon:

  • How it is vital to human health and economy in Asia

  • How the scientific understanding of what causes the monsoon to happen and what causes it to vary in strength year to year has changed recently (past decade or so)

  • How geology has contributed to our understanding of the South Asian monsoon

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