Flamenco Tour

Fri, Mar 15 at 7:30pm

  • All Ages
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This series, Andalucía, is in honor of the rich history of Andalucía and the legacy of Paco de Lucía.

Andalucía, the birthplace of flamenco, is a region in Spain composed of eight provinces that stretch across the country. When the Gypsies arrived in Andalucía in the early 1400’s, they brought with them their culture’s song and dance. When they were persecuted with the Moors and Jews, they took refuge in caves in treacherous mountain areas. These cultures’ song and dance fused to create what we know today as flamenco.


Paco de Lucía was born in 1947, in the province of Cadiz, in Andalucía. He became the world’s premier flamenco guitarist; revolutionizing the music as a composer and musician. One critic proclaimed that Paco de Lucia’s music “sets a new standard for modern flamenco music and acts as the true bridge between the ancient and the future.”


During this beautiful show you will experience our renown master guitarist, Israel, perform the National Anthem of Andalucía. Israel was born in Granada, Spain to a gypsy (Romani) family that cultivates flamenco. He began playing professionally at 14 years old in one of the most prestigious Flamenco caves in Granada, ‘La Faraona’, where he developed his specialties of accompaniment for voice and dance while developing his own artistic style.


The group will be joined, during this tour, by Jose del Faro, direct from Spain. Jose del Faro, a singer-songwriter, will captivate you with his mastery of Flamenco sound. He captures the essence of authentic Flamenco in his song and is also, a master of guitar and percussion. Jose is an artist that you don’t dare to miss!


A versatile and unpredictable force of nature onstage, Jose 'El Niño' is a consummate performer and improviser. His playful style and unending energy will have you craving more.

A mesmerizing and expressive performer, Amelia dominates the stage with the exquisite musicality of her Flamenco dance.

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