2019 Social Justice Film Festival - Complicit

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Shot below the radar, Complicit follows the journey of Chinese factory-migrant-worker-turned-activist Yi Yeting, who takes his fight against the global electronic industry from his hospital bed to the international stage. While battling his own work-induced leukemia, Yi teaches himself labour law in order to prepare a legal challenge against his former employers. But the struggle to defend the lives of millions of Chinese people from becoming terminally ill due to working conditions necessitates confrontation with some of the world’s largest brands, including Apple and Samsung. Unfortunately, neither powerful businesses nor the government are willing to have such a scandal come to light.

(Heather White & Lynn Zhang, 89 min, 2017)

Screens with:

Are We Listening? (Tim Kressin, 15 min, USA)

Over the course of its seven-year civil war, roughly 6 million Syrians have become refugees, while another 500,000 have been killed. "Are We Listening?" drives home the fact that displacement can come in a matter of seconds.

For one man, a trip to the grocery store was derailed by a ballistic missile. “When I woke up, my hand had been amputated,” says Abdul, now living in a Jordanian camp with his wife and two children.

One woman, Amal, fled barefoot, in the middle of the night, with her family. "My husband had a car; my boys started school; we could see our future."