Self-Hypnosis as Self Sabotage

Sat, Mar 28, 2020 from 12pm - 3pm

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Deliberate vulnerability is a core part of what a submissive person can offer their dominant partner. Intentionally becoming open to another’s influence- whether that’s referred to as training, conditioning, brainwashing, or colonization- can be among the most frightening things we do, feeling very much like self-sabotage or throwing oneself under the bus. It can also be one of the most rewarding things we do.

This workshop will approach hypnotic conditioning from the standpoint of active bottoming, treating it as something submissives can do in collaboration with their partners. We’ll discuss possible hypnotic effects, negotiation and risk mitigation, practical skills, and a range of goals. Demos, exercises, and plenty of filthy stories will give attendees many ways to get started and possibilities to consider.

Both dominant and submissive perspectives will be included, and people of all roles are invited to attend. However, the skill-building exercises are designed to focus on submissives’ skillsets. This is edgeplay: while we’ll discuss our thinking regarding risks and our precautions, please come prepared to make your own risk assessments. Attendees of all sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and relationship orientations are welcome. Therapeutic hypnosis is outside the scope of this class and will not be discussed.

No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this workshop. Doors will be locked at 10 minutes after the start time.
Water available. Please bring your own cup or bottle.
Open to all 18+
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
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About the Educators:
Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Even before joining the organized BDSM community in 2005, Naj was exploring kink and introducing others to figging, play piercing, sounding, fisting, and other delightful pastimes. More recently, they have had the pleasure of presenting classes on hypnosis and other kinks for conferences and BDSM groups across the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe. Naj co-founded Seattle's Erotic Hypnosis Enthusiasts' Group (now running as the Hypnokink Enthusiasts' Group) in 2012, and they have been working to build community, fuel curiosity, and offer in-depth hypnokink education ever since.

Will has been exploring trance states for thirty years and kink for nearly that long, but his deliberate investigation of their conjunction has taken place within the last five years. His interests include D/s with an emphasis on will alignment, hands-on anatomical research, and more experimentation on what minds are capable of than may be, strictly speaking, a good idea. Will finds hypnosis to be among the best instruments for opening a person to take a look around, and deeply enjoys talking shop with others who share this curious bent.

This event is presented by the Pan Eros Foundation. Please go to for more information.

Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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