"Salsa, Son, y Sabor" with Eléré and special guests SuperSones

Fri, Mar 3, 2023 at 8pm

This event has passed.

Doors: 7pm

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Loudly embracing a philosophy that a young, hot and diverse Salsa band in Seattle is undoubtedly vanguard, Eléré presents a glimpse into the future of Salsa as a global music in Seattle and beyond. A 9-piece salsa band founded in late 2019 by percussionist and vocalist Daniel "el buho" Mendoza, Eléré quickly took on a mixture of emerging and seasoned instrumentalists on the scene with the aim of pushing the music in new directions. Honoring the rich archive of Salsa and Latin Jazz, the group started off playing shows and parties throughout Seattle with arrangements of classic repertoire. Though still a young group, the band was able to hold strong through the closure of music venues during the coronavirus pandemic, directing their efforts towards preparing original music and arrangements. Their original music, spearheaded by their musical director, guitarist and cuatrista Carlos "donde estoy" Snaider, contains messages of the healing power of nature, meditation and storytelling that is characteristic of Salsa lyrics, yet with specific homage to the Pacific Northwest roots of the group. All the while accompanied by tight horn lines and a rhythm section that embraces developments from modern jazz and timba, making the Eléré sound altogether fresh and captivating. 

SuperSones play the sublime music known as Son - the acoustic dance music of the Cuban countryside that inspired modern Salsa. Son is a unique blend of Spanish guitars and harmony, Afro-Cuban percussion and swing, call-and-response singing, and trumpet improvisation. From the 1930's in Havana to the present moment, Cuban septets like SuperSones have inspired people around the world to dance and celebrate. SuperSones represent this rich musical tradition with a wide range of classic and original songs in the many genres within the Son family: bolero, chachacha, guaracha, and son montuno among others. The group plays songs written by some of the greatest composers of Cuban popular music including Compay Segundo, Miguel Matamoros, Isaac Oviedo, and Arsenio Rodriguez. SuperSones recreate these songs with their own arrangements and improvisations to bring the Son alive in the Pacific Northwest. The group also regularly features original compositions firmly rooted in the Son tradition. 

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