Rope And...

Fri, Nov 17 at 8pm

  • 18+
Ticket sales are closed. There will be no ticket sales at the door.
Join us for an evening of exploration and connection at Rope And…!
Delve into rope bondage while embracing a diverse range of sensual and impactful experiences. This event provides a safe(r) and consensual space for individuals to engage in various forms of kink play, encouraging both beginners and experienced enthusiasts to come together and indulge in their desires. Whether you're interested in rope, sex, impact play, or whatever pleases you, plenty of like-minded people will come together for an evening of enjoyment.
Please note that all participants must behave responsibly, respectfully, and consensually to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Join us for a night of empowerment, expression, and exploration.
Additional Information:
- A photo of your negative covid test taken within 2 hours of the event with name and date written on it must be provided at the door
- Masks are optional at this event 
- All participants must arrive before 11pm.
- Photos are allowed if ALL people within the frame have actively consented to the photo. Be sure to negotiate if/where it can be posted
- There will be one DM available on each floor for the duration of the party. 
Party Rules:
- No fire play or open flame at all
- Nothing illegal
- No substances
- No waterplay or scat
- Don't make anyone pass out
- Breath and choking play be self-releasing (if top disappears, the restriction disappears)
- Clean up after yourself for sex or blood play
- Let a DM know before very noisy play
- Please keep very noisy play downstairs
Rope And... is hosting this event as a fundraiser for the Pan Eros Foundation. For information about this event, please contact 

Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104