Epic Jam featuring Douglas Ridloff

Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 7pm

This event has passed.

Tickets $10 advance/ $15 at the door

Deaf Spotlight is thrilled to announce another Epic Jam featuring Douglas Ridloff on October 10th, 2015! 
The goal of Epic Jam is to revitalize the Deaf cultural gathering, where people can share poems and tell stories in American Sign Language (ASL). This is part of a long-time tradition that has passed down from Deaf Clubs and Deaf schools through several generations. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to see, support and develop a larger pool of performers and poets who celebrate ASL. The audience will be encouraged to interact and, in the process, develop an appreciation for why ASL literature is so deeply valued in the Deaf community.

Douglas Ridloff is an ASL artist, actor, curator, educator and filmmaker. Ridloff co-produced and performed in ASL in the Raw, demonstrating the steamier side of ASL. In 2009, Ridloff shifted his focus from the dirty to the clean visual vernacular with his one-man show, Jack of All ASL. Given the success of Jack of All ASL, Ridloff followed up with a new show, Capital D, on all things Deaf through the use of visual vernacular, the oft overlooked artistic form of ASL storytelling.

As response to need for a spotlight on the visual vernacular that streams out of the Deaf community, Ridloff became the curator of ASL SLAM, a monthly ASL poetry/storytelling event. While the event operates on an “open-mic” basis, Ridloff adds to the event by curating a lineup of Deaf ASL artists, both national and international. This cultural celebration has led to the creation of S4nses, a production company that aims to create a permanent collection of the visual vernacular. Productions include ASL Knock Out and Hot Deafrobics with Fiona. Ridloff lives in Brooklyn with his wife and 2 sons. Check him out at www.douglasridloff.com. 

Hosting the evening with his heartwarming energy and inviting audience participation is Nat Wilson. Nat is a National Theater of the Deaf Alum, storyteller, comedian, and host for festivals and events celebrating ASL and Deaf culture. 
Consider Epic Jam your “open stage” opportunity to share your poems and stories! Come and join us!

Please note: Tickets do not guarantee seating during shows at the Royal Room. For sold out shows standing room may be the only available space. Please come early to ensure you get a table. Reservations can be made for those who are coming for dinner as well as the show, dinner reservations can be made by emailing info@theroyalroomseattle.com. The Royal Room is all ages until 10pm.