Tension: from top to bottom

Thu, Oct 22 from 7pm - 8:30pm

This event has passed.

A class discussing rope tension, tension in the body, and the positivity of emotional tension between top & bottom. 

  • Tension in terms of posture: for top and bottom how posture in different positions can affect the outcome of rope
  • Tension in terms of rope: drilling and tension exercises, how to retail tension, how tension travels from the fingers to the body
  • Tension in terms of emotion: connection and grounding with a partner and experimenting with primal, sensual, sexual, playful etc tension and exchange 

Important details:

  • This is an online class via Zoom. You must purchase your ticket in advance. Ticket sales end at 5:00pm on the day of the workshop. Instructions for access will be emailed to you before the workshop begins.
  • Class time is listed in Pacific Time. Use this Time Zone Converter to see what time the class will be for you: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
  • No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this workshop. Access will be blocked at 10 minutes after the start time.
  • Open to all 18+
  • All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
  • Scholarships available to those in need.
  • Questions may be directed to: education@pan-eros.org

About the Educators:

Sage (she/they/he) fell in love with rope in mid-2013 and heavily identifies as a “Rope Daddy”. Sage's rope journey has been founded in deep connections with partners, working as a team with her partners, and encouraging mutual growth in rope. Sage has taught at events/cons across North America and has a passion for education. Their teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in partnership, inclusion, and student-centered learning. Sage is currently a steering committee member for NARIX, a moderator for the rope bottoming share group, founder and leader of Start Here a group that educates newcomers into the community that spans across 3 states. 

Shakti Bliss Bunny (or B) is an educational facilitator, bodyworker, activist, and indigenous witch from Austin, Texas. As a rope bottom, she enjoys pushing herself mentally and physically while also balancing self care, self awareness and self study to further her journey and ride the fluidity of her philosophies of life. Through her education, activism and spiritual work she hopes to increase visibility and representation for people of color in kink as well as to add a fresh perspective to the ritual of rope, interpersonal connection and the handling of the physical and energetic bodies.

This event is presented by the Pan Eros Foundation. Please go to Pan-Eros.org for more information.

online via Zoom

Seattle, WA

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