Relationship Trajectories
Outside Monogamy Discussion

Wed, Jun 16 from 6pm - 7:30pm (Pacific)

  • 18+
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This discussion group explores topics relating to relationship anarchy, polyamory, swinging, consensual non-monogamy, monogamish agreements, and creative and conscious relationship structures. Join the conversation on third Wednesday’s where we will explore the myriad styles of relationships available to those who wish to embrace the power of “and”. 

This month’s topic: Relationship trajectories: map a route or go with the flow?

This month’s moderator(s): Sophia Sky & Kate

We all have expectations, both conscious and unconscious, about how relationships develop and proceed. These expectations can range from general ideas about our own boundaries to very specific ideas about the role a person could play in our lives. When considering relationships outside of monogamy, we often find ourselves challenging common assumptions about how the relationship will develop and progress. What are the benefits of seeking relationships with very specific expectations? What is useful about allowing relationships to grow organically? Let's discuss some of the ways our expectations about relationship trajectories manifest, and what they can mean for all individuals involved.


  • Participants agree to only tell their own stories and respect the autonomy and confidentiality of others. (Only share info that you have explicit permission to share.)

  • Respect differing points of view and ways of moving through the world. 

  • Honor expressed boundaries with acceptance and clarifying questions that increase your ability to respect stated or implied boundaries.

  • Curiosity and questions are encouraged.


General timing of meetings:  

Gathering and settling in - 6-6:10pm

Agreements and introductions: 6:10-6:30pm

Main topic - 6:30-7:15pm

Resource sharing and Off-topic Q&A - 7:15-7:30pm


About the Facilitator: 

Sophia Sky identifies as a Shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. She is the Executive Director of the Pan Eros Foundation and is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality by speaking at universities, conventions, and private groups around North America. Sophia believes that being sex positive means respecting the spectrum of sexual expression from asexual to omnisexual. She is a lover of art, cute socks, learning, and floating on bodies of water.     


•This is an online event via Zoom. You must register in advance. Registration ends at 5pm on the day of the workshop. Instructions for access will be emailed to you before the workshop begins. 

•Class time is listed in Pacific Time. Use this Time Zone Converter to see what time the class will be for you: 

•No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this event. Access will be blocked at 10 minutes after the start time. 

•Open to all 18+  

•All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, religions are welcome and celebrated. 

• FREE event, $5-$10 suggested donation will go towards making future educational scholarships available to those in need.  

•Questions may be directed to:

online via Zoom

Seattle, WA

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