Consent & Table-Top Role-Playing Games

Thu, Sep 9 from 7pm - 9pm (Pacific)

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Do you game? Ever had a situation where Consent felt like it was bent or even broken? Ever wondered how to set up a game to be safer, more accessible, or just more consensual? We've wondered all these things. 

Join our Consent Academy gamers and consent experts as we discuss ways to establish better communication and clear consent to avoid creating harm at your table. We'll look as some common ways people create more consensual spaces and tools for dealing with things when they go wrong. It'll be a fun evening of stories, discussion, and learning. We may even role some dice. 

This class is for GMs, Players, or anyone who games, wants to game, or is just interested in the topic.  

  • Please bring your own situations and questions to share. We will be discussing issues of a sexual nature. 
  • This is an online Workshop. You must register before 5:00pm the day of the session. Zoom link and instructions will be emailed an hour or so before the workshop begins.
  • Open to all 18+. All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
    • 13+ with parental permission or involvement.
  • No Prerequisites Required. “Consent Basics” or other consent class suggested.
  • Class size is limited to 40 participants. Tickets are 1st Come/1st Served.
  • Please let us know by email ( if you have any access needs or things that would aid in your learning.


About the Educators:

The Consent Academy is an educational collective with dedicated educators, coaches, and activists who provide quality consent training and consultations. We promote Consent Culture through education, speaking out, and supporting organizations along their consent journey. Our classes are taught by a rotation of available educators using curriculum developed and shared by all of us. Where possible, we try to teach in pairs. If you have questions about a class or who is signed up to teach it, please email us:

Presented by the Consent Academy:

online via Zoom

Seattle, WA

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