Intimate Dinners - February

Sat, Feb 22 at 5pm

  • 21+
This event has passed.

Please join us for an evening of exploring intimacy, connection and sensuality. Every aspect of this event is designed to foster inclusion and getting to know each other. Tickets for this delightful event are only available in advance, and are very limited.

The evening begins with a social hour. Enjoy the beautiful space and appetizers served in a seductive manner. Be sure to arrive before 6pm, because doors will be closed at that time. No late entry will be allowed to support the intimacy created in this event.

Dinner is made by the guests that attend, but this is unlike any potluck you have ever been to. Bring a dish that you are truly proud of because you will be serving it to the group, and sharing what makes it so special to you. Please bring a list of ingredient to share with others.

After dinner we will be joined by local dance instructors for a lesson in Blues Dancing to get us moving after dinner. No experience needed; our instructors will be starting with the basics. If we are lucky we will coax the instructors to give us a Tango demonstration, as well.

Presented by the Sharma's Legacy, a group of former members of the historic Sharma Center who are excited to resurrect their favorite events that aim to create a community that explores  all aspects of intimacy and the power of connection. Pan Eros is proud to partner with Sharma's Legacy and creating space for the reopening of Intimate Dinners.
All proceeds from this event go to support the Pan Eros Foundation.

Gallery Erato

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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