Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro on Sex, Relationship, and Intimacy
A workshop presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture

Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 12pm

  • 18+
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Sex? Intimacy? Relationship? Do you know the difference?

Do you ever find yourself lost and confused about sex, intimacy and relationship? Do you ever wonder about a relationship after you have had sex with someone? Do you ever find yourself yearning for a deep intimate connection with someone and then find yourself having sex you didn’t really want to have? Do you ever find yourself really wanting to have sex with someone you really do not want to have a long-standing relationship with? Would you like to have more clarity to help you navigate these situations?

Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro in a workshop designed to clear up some of the ambiguity around these topics so that you can more joyfully and powerfully engage in the culture of Sex-Positivity.

NOTE: The educators have requested that they be filmed while teaching this event. Permission has been granted by the FSPC upon the condition that only the educators and not the class participants be filmed.

Cost at the door: $40

About the Educators:

Nekole Shapiro helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life.  With her roots firmly in Tantra, she weaves her lifetime of body-work experience together with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies to create ground breaking education experiences for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity.  Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on and changing lives!You can learn more about Nekole at

Allena Gabosch, Executive Director of both the Center For Sex Positive Culture and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture from their creation until retiring January 1, 2015, has been active in the sex positive movement practically from its inception; producing educational and social events for the sex-positive community since 1990.  She is a frequent speaker on many sexuality related subjects at colleges and conferences around the US and Canada, with an emphasis on Sexuality, Relationships,  BDSM and Polyamory.  She is a frequent guest on local and national radio and television as an expert on sexuality and has been in numerous documentaries. She was a former Producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. She is a past board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a former commissioner with the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities. She is currently working on several books, including one for parents on raising children without sexual shame.   She is a kinky bisexual, polyamorous switch and considers herself extremely blessed as she has a rich and full poly life, with many amazing and loving people in her "polycule".

This workshop is presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. Please go to for more information.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

301 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98119