A Consent Educator Retreat

Fri, May 17 at 4pm - Sun, May 19 at 6pm

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$350.56 with fees
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Consent in our culture is evolving, expanding, and something people are wanting to learn about. Teaching about it requires an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuance surrounding consent in today's world. During this two and a half day retreat our experts will cover the following topics through discussion, exercises, and collaborative engagement.

 - What is Consent: From the Basics to the Complexities

 - Your Personal Relationship to Consent

 - How to Talk about Consent in Context

 - Managing Consent Complexity in Education

 - Potential Problems & Issues with Teaching Consent

 - Getting Started on Your Lesson Plans


This retreat is for people who already have experience teaching and educating. We will help you turn the skills you already have towards this essential topic.

The intensive is open to all sexes, genders, and identities 18 years of age or older.



Attendance is limited to 20 participants.

Friday 5/17 will be a half day, starting at 4:00pm and going until 8:00pm

Saturday 5/18 will start at 11:00am and go until 8:00pm

Sunday 5/19 will start at 11:00am and finish up around 6:00pm

The retreat will be held in Seattle. Location will be released in April and will depend on number of participants.

Limited accommodations for Fri, Sat, and Sun will be available. Contact us for more information or if you're coming in from out of town.

Education, meals, snacks, and materials all included in your registration fee. You will receive a registration survey after registering with questions and more details.

Scholarships are available. Ask about group discounts for three or more people or let us know if you would like to sponsor someone to come. 

Contact theconsentacademy@gmail.com for more details.

About the Facilitators:

The Consent Academy is a group of dedicated educators and activists who provide quality consent training and consultations. We have come together to promote Consent Culture through education, speaking out, and supporting organizations that want to do better. We talk a lot about consent and consensual activity. It’s the cornerstone of what we teach and who we are. And while that is easy to say, we know that living a dedication to consent takes work, awareness, and a willingness to engage.


See description for location.
Seattle, WA 98107

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