New to Kink: Things I Wish I Knew

Doors at 12:00pm. Class from 12:30-2:00pm.

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This is a class for folks who are newer to BDSM. MxBliss will share their ‘new to kink’ mistakes in the hopes that you can avoid them!  In this class, we'll provide a quick intro to the wonderful world of BDSM.  We will start with vocabulary and etiquette (including play party norms). Then we will cover ways to find play partners more safely including vetting and spotting red flags.  Finally, we will cover MxBliss’s favorite topic: consent and negotiation in BDSM. This is a whirlwind tour so while not specifically covered on the agenda, they are reserving time to address your questions about Fetetiquette (Fetlife etiquette), finding a mentor/mentee, pick up play, what to do if you are involved in a consent incident, or anything else you’d like to know about the curious, delightful, and potentially dangerous world of BDSM.

Important Information:

  • No late entry will be allowed due to the intimate nature of this workshop. Doors will be locked at 10 minutes after the start time.
  • Water available. Please bring your own cup or bottle.
  • Open to all 18+
  • Attendance is limited to 40 people.
  • All sexes, genders, races, ethnicities, bodies, body types, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, abilities welcome and celebrated.
  • Questions may be directed to:
  • Scholarships available. 
  • Please let us know by email if you have any access needs or things that would aid in your learning.

About the Educator: 

Mx Bliss (she/they) is a joyful sadomasochist, sensation empath, consent enthusiast, rope switch, self suspender, and lifestyle quinkster (queer kinkster). They identify as Daddy AF, on both sides of the slash.  Bliss is having the time of their life discovering all the ways to connect with BDSM and rope and is eager to share the joy. They co-facilitate AlternaRope, a celebration of diversity in rope and co-hosts the Friction pop-up events. She also produces the Jiffy Kink events. Both in vanilla and kink worlds, MxBliss frequently presents on negotiation, consent, and diversity/equity/inclusion. With some trepidation, she is starting to teach some rope classes. She loves all the feedback, especially the kind that will help her grow and have her intention better mirror the impact of her behavior/words.
Fetlife: MxBliss
IG: mx_bliss
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This event is presented by the Pan Eros Foundation. Please go to for more information.

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