Consent and Leadership 4: Writing Codes of Conduct

Wed, Nov 1, 2023 from 10am - 12pm (Pacific)

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A code of conduct is essential to fostering a consensual space.

Codes of conduct act as informed consent, letting people know what kind of behavior is desired and what is not tolerated. If they don’t agree to it, they don’t enter the space, and if they act against the code of conduct, they face consequences, including potentially not being welcome in the space anymore.

This workshop will give participants an understanding of the best practices for writing a code of conduct, as well as strategies for getting people to know it exists and to follow it. By the end of class, you'll have the beginnings of a draft, which you can send to Consent Academy to review. 

Who is the Consent and Leadership Series for?

Anyone in formal and informal positions of leadership who finds their work expanding to include issues around consent, such as ethics, interpersonal conflict, and harm. If you host events, teach, organize, manage, or supervise people; if you are just the one people go to when a problem around consent comes up; if you care about creating consensual spaces and have some power to influence others — then this series is for you. 

What else should I know?

  • This is an online class via Zoom. Zoom link and instructions will be emailed the day before and 30 minutes before the workshop begins.
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About the Consent Academy:

The Consent Academy is an educational collective founded in 2016 in Seattle, WA, currently with staff and volunteers all over the world. We believe consent is a part of everyday life, and its practice builds stronger, safer, and more connected communities. Our approach incorporates disciplines of psychology, sociology, public health, psychotherapy, and personal coaching to create a systemic view of how consent impacts everyone, from the bedroom to the boardroom. 

The Consent Academy is a program of the Pan Eros Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. All of our profits support our educational programming. For more information, visit us at

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