Closing Night: The Real Meets the Surreal Shorts

Sun, Sep 9 at 7pm

  • 18+
This event has passed.

CLOSING PROGRAM: The Real and the Surreal Shorts 

(85 min)


A shorts collection that both depicts the reality of sexual experience, while also delving into experimental treatment of unsilmulated sexuality. 


Films in this shorts program include:



Directed by Olympe E De G.

France, 2017 (4 min)

Dick, Cunt, Asshole… Why are those words insults when these body parts are so wonderful?



Directed by Rob Eagle

United Kingdom, 2018 (21 min)

Founded in 1965 when homosexuality was illegal in Britain, the Sixty Nine Club is Europe’s oldest social group for gay leathermen. The club’s last surviving older members show us why the Sixty Nine Club means so much to them through home movies and tales of debauchery, love, and friendship.



Directed by Flicker Fuckers

Sweden, 2018 (10 min)

Faceless and wrapped in plastic



Directed by Marcus Quillan & Simon Christopher

United Kingdom, 2018 (11 min)

Based on the theater production “Black Beauty in Irons”, a fictional couple explore ponyplay.



Directed by Urvashi

United States, 2017 (17 min)

With an arm full of shopping bags, Avalon calls a driver to take her back to her hotel. Unable to keep their eyes off each other during the ride, this “chance” encounter soon leads to much more.



Directed by Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell

Germany, 2018 (4 min)

A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy’s filthy antics?



Directed by Ezio Maisto

Italy, 2078 (8 min)

Two lovers celebrate their brief relationship in front of the camera. The next day she will be gone forever.



Directed by Kate Sinclaire

Canada, 2018 (14 min)

A docuporn about squirting.

Grand Illusion Cinema

1403 NE 50th St.
Seattle, WA 98105

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