Figure Sculpting Fun

Sat, Apr 27 at 3pm

  • 18+
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$22.23 with fees
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Join SEAF alum Ronnie Werner for a sculpting demonstration of the human figure, with a fun, guided hands-on practice session. Learn to make your own wire armature, and apply modeling clay (plastilina) to create a practice figure to sculpt while working with a model in this casual class. Wire for the armature and modeling clay will be provided as well as a mostly naked (well, maybe completely naked) human model.


Modeling Clay does not harden and can’t be fired so it is perfect for practicing sculpture because it can be used over and over. Attendees will take their practice figure home.


**Note modeling clay is oil based and will stain clothing so be sure to use one of our aprons to protect your clothing. You are welcome to bring a change of clothing and take advantage of our coat check so as not to endanger your finest duds during the class.

This ticket does not include entry in to Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Admission tickets can be purchased here.

Class size is limited to 10 people.

Instructor Bio:
Ronnie Werner is a painter, illustrator and sculptor whose work focuses on the female form. Ronnie has shown work at the Seattle Erotic art Festival for the past ten years and his sculpting installation with a live nude model, From Drawing to Sculpture runs from 8pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday evenings at the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

Mercer Street at 3rd Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

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