SEAF Artist Profile: Tyema Greenawalt

Sun, Aug 2, 2020 from 11am - 11:30am

  • 18+
This event has passed.

Private Zoom chat and virtual art tour with Jennifer Jigour, The Erotic Art Ambassador, of SEAF 2020 artist Tyema Greenawalt.

Tyema Greenawalt had a watercolor painting selected for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2020. 

Colorado based watercolor Artist, Tyema Greenawalt, has been painting erotic art for the past several years. Beginning with flowers, her artwork has evolved and taken many different forms. Her intention is to inspire the liberation of sexual expression through her artwork. To normalize the human form in its natural state and to express sexuality from a Woman’s perspective. This series, titled “In Flight” is a reflection of that idea. Women are suspended in white space in Shibari Bondage, with little birds in flight surrounding them. The birds portray how in Bondage, one can feel so liberated. Sexual pleasures are taken to new heights, leaving you in a state of elation, other words “in flight.”

Registrants will be emailed meeting log in information before the meeting time on the morning of Sunday, August 2nd.

online via Zoom

Seattle, WA

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